Task Five

In the next month I plan to stay up to date with laundry, paper, dirty dishes and vacuuming and finish gardening for the year. Finishing gardening means cutting down all the weeds to no more than 6 inches tall in both the front and back yard, moving contents of the compost piles into the front yard to make the entire yard level and trimming extra growth and dead wood.  I also have to cut down half a tree.

I have promised a friend that I will start emptying boxes.   This means I have to throw away, give away or sell ‘stuff’ and file or throw away paper.  Why? Because I don’t sort my mail when I’m depressed.  I toss it in a box. I have at least 50 boxes of ‘stuff’ (belongings I never use) and/or paper in my house.

If you were to walk into my house you would be overcome by the smell of cat and dog. Why? Because I have three cats and I don’t always keep up with the litter box cleaning and I have two dogs, one of whom is deaf and not house broken. Then you would see three boxes of stuff and a piano with vases of dried flowers.  Underneath six baskets of folded laundry is a plaid couch. Next to shelving with VHS tapes, books, pottery and spider webs, is a couch covered by moving blankets. An air conditioner underneath a broken shade and many ceramic containers filled with dog treats sits on top of a credenza. A four drawer filing cabinet sits next to 3 bar stools and  is topped by lots of stuff animals. My house reflects the chaos in my head.

There will be ASL classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, one or two counseling sessions each week, church on Sundays and maybe midweek meetings at church. This is an attempt on my part to establish a consistent routine, please my narcissistic Father (he has narcissistic personality disorder), network and make new friends.


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