Task Six

In the next three months I plan to continue the routine I establish in the next month. This will mean emptying all the boxes sitting in my house, finishing my ASL class and putting together a budget for my Father the narcissist. Having emptied all the boxes sitting in my house I will begin emptying the boxes in my basement.  Prior to doing this I will need to clean the floor of the basement.

So, if I break it down, I will do a box a day of sorting. One box. (I’ve been able to do one load of laundry and one load of dishes and feed five animals.) This means opening the box, and deciding if it’s stuff I want to give away, throw away keep or paper (throw away/keep).  I have several flats from Costco that I can sort paper into. Once I have sorted into recycle/shred/file, I will shred. Filing a flat per day is a separate task.

Cleaning the house involves decluttering.  Having things in boxes that are stacked clears a room and then I can choose a box and begin to sort.  I just have to get up, do the daily feed (animals, self) and clean (laundry and dishes) routine and then add sorting to my routine. I need to add special tasks to my routine like: gardening and school and volunteering and applying to OT school and there are appointments (dental, psychiatrist, counseling) and meetings (worship on Sundays, prayer on Wednesdays).  After three months, I will be much more accustomed to work and rest on a regular schedule than I am now.


2 thoughts on “Task Six

  1. The study being over, I can leave a comment for you: thanks for taking the time to comment. I know it’s part of your job, but I’m still grateful. Doing the study made a difference in my life. 🙂


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