Saturday 24 October 2015

Wanted to weed and plant in garden. Fell asleep around 4 am and woke at 11am. Didn’t want to get up. Read a little, fell back asleep. Woke up at 1 pm. Read, decided to sleep for “5 more minutes”, woke up at 4pm to what I thought was the smell of burnt toast and and thought, “Ralph, what have you done now?”

I got up, did my ablutions.  Weight 197.

Went downstairs, fed animals and self (decaf, strawberry chobani, lucerne salted caramel). Looked for email (Chris and Helen regarding the estate) and felt too scared to go outside and do weeding on a sunny day after 2 days of rain. Turned on movie I rented last night on Comcast (50 Shades of Grey-unedited). Ate, dishes, made bed, let Nicholas out (I have decided when he goes out the first time he either goes to the bathroom or does reconnaissance) did some dishes and some paperwork.

I want a routine, so I decided that maybe this will help along with the Army’s moodtracker.  Maddie looked sad, so I got dressed, did some more dishes and wrote in you.  Right now she is whining.  It is about 7 pm and dark; it wasn’t dark when I went to get dressed.

Nicholas is whining to go out.  I’m afraid to let him out.  I’m afraid some stupid kid will hurt him.  I want to fix the fence and be able to let the kids outside without fear.

Time to go for a walk.  Paperwork, dishes, laundry, vacuuming, litterboxes, brush kids, and cleaning carpet tonight?  Two things I really want to get done: paperwork and carpet cleaning.

I want to get it done so I’m not ashamed of this house.  The dog park is getting decorated!