Day Seven

Haven’t written for awhile, thought about you a lot, but otherwise done nothing else. Maybe your name isn’t Sascha.  Maybe it’s Sandy or Alex or, most formally, Alexander.  I wonder if you’re searching for me.

The most important thing is to get out in the real world: meet people again, go to the gym, church (sigh), get on with my life. This town calls itself a mecca of Christianity.  It’s not. It has a lot of organizations that are Christian in name, but I’ve never met such a pompous group of hypocrites.  Only in this place would there be a uproar about a billboard put up by a group of atheists.  The local news had a story about it.  It could have spent the time on the need for feeding and clothing the poor, but, no, it had to be about a stupid billboard.

Anyway, I’m thinking about you, praying that your life is going well, that you are prospering, happy.



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